Principal’s Message

Hello Blossom Gulch Families,

Thanks to all of our parents and guardians for attending conferences this week. Communication with our families is essential to everyone’s success at school. Conference time allow parents to take part in their child’s education. By knowing what is being taught at school you can direct the conversation in your family to issues being studied in school. Such reinforcement of school work at home makes a big difference in your child’s understanding, motivation and school performance. Having a specific parent-teacher conference also enables all of us to carve out time for a personal and thoughtful connection between parents and educators. E-mail and phone calls have a certain convenience, but they can never replace an in-person conversation. Please know you don’t have to wait for an invitation to have a conference. If the standard answer to “What did you learn in school today?” is “Nothing”, then maybe it’s time for a meeting. We always welcome parent involvement, so remember to keep in touch.

There are lots of events and holidays in the next 6 weeks. School will be a busy place so please pay attention to our bulletins and flyers so you don’t miss anything!

Best wishes,

Linda Vickrey