Principal’s Message

Hello Blossom Gulch Families,

I have to admit I’m glad the mild temperatures and sun have returned to the Oregon coast!  I’m continually amazed how tired I am of the rain after only a couple of days.

Our behavior focus this month is on Kindness.  I am also reminded how important it is to be mindful of our emotions and the effect they have on our relationships.  Our emotions have many variations:  joy, contentment, serenity, frustration, sadness, sorrow, guilt, etc.  If we break them down into their simplest elements, there are really only two important categories:  one sends positive messages and the others send negative messages. Being mindful of our emotions helps us realize that they are also affected by our thoughts, our self-talk, and many are prompted by our senses.  For example, hearing a compliment prompts a good feeling; seeing someone smile at you prompts a nice feeling.

Our actions speak volumes about who we are as people and a community.  We all need to teach our children the power of being kind and friendly.  There is great power in showing random acts of kindness to everyone.  I hope all of us this month will take a few minutes to remember to smile, pay someone a compliment and show kindness to everyone.

Take care and best wishes to everyone,

Linda Vickrey